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Leaf Filter - Less Space and More Filtration Rate

We manufacture various kinds of leaf filter, also named pressure leaf filter to be mainly used in edible oil industries. All the filters are commonly made of 5 layers stainless steel mesh or carbon steel wire mesh including 2 layers fine filter mesh, 2 layers supporting mesh and 1 drain mesh. They are held together by a tubular frame and there is mounted one or more pipes to let the filtered liquid flow out.

There are two types of pressure filters: vertical pressure leaf filter and horizontal pressure leaf filter. Vertical leaf filter is mainly used for solid or liquid separation and well-suited for handling toxic, flammable and corrosive material. Horizontal leaf filter fits for batch processing applications which require high flow rates and safe operations with low solids removal.

A round leaf filter and divided into several parts by the aluminum frame.

LF-01: Leaf filter can be installed with aluminum frame.

Several leaf filters in oblong shape mounted with a tubular frame and  from the middle through a pipe.

LF-02: Leaf filter with a tubular frame and a pipe more durable than the original filter.

A corner of leaf filter and a close look of each layer.

LF-03: Leaf filter can be made of multi layers different kinds of wire mesh.

An oval leaf filter with tubular frame show us its inner structure.

LF-04: Leaf filter can made in different shapes.


  • Mesh material: stainless steel mesh or carbon steel wire mesh.
  • Frame material: SS304, 316, 316L.
  • Filtering rate: 3 - 80 μm.
  • Porosity: 70 - 85%.
  • Filter shapes: vertical pressure leaf filter and horizontal pressure leaf filter.
Specification of 5 layers SS wire mesh
Structure Mesh Wire Thickness (mm) Aperture (micron)
1 layer of drain mesh Plain weave, 4 × 4 1.6 4760
2 layer of support mesh Plain weave, 8 × 8 0.7 2480
2 layer of fine mesh Plain weave, 24 × 110 0.36, or 0.26 80 - 200


  • Easy to operate and low maintenance.
  • Widely used in edible oil industry.
  • Designed precise.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-acid, anti-alkali.
  • Hermetically sealed.
  • Less space and more filtration rate.

Leaf filters are suitable for many applications industries, as follows:

  • Beverage Industry: Glucose, fruit juices, cold drinks, sugar, vinegar.
  • Chemical Industry: Inorganic salts, dyes, chemicals, plastic.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Antibiotics, syrup, bulk drugs, intravenous solutions.
  • Petrochemical Industry: Crude oil, lubricating oil.

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