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Cylindrical Filter with Single Layer or Multi Layer

Three different kinds of cylindrical filters on the black background.

We can offer you different sizes and kinds of cylindrical filters to meet your different needs.

Cylindrical filter is also a common type of strainer. Different from filter discs, it is in cylinder shape. Cylindrical filters are made of various good quality raw materials including stainless steel wire, stainless steel woven wire cloth and carbon steel mesh, etc. In order to meet the customers' growing demand, single layer and multilayer filters are available in every diameter and size. To enhance the filtration efficiency, multilayer filters may be consist of several different kinds of mesh. In addition to, cylindrical filter with an aluminum rim edge and filters with closed bottom are also supplied.

With accurate filtration precision, cylindrical filters are generally used to separate undesired rubble and can filter various fluids. With high mechanical strength, it is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff and sewage water treatment, etc.


  • Wire materials: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc.
  • Layer: single layer or multilayers.
  • Edge processing: wrapping edge or metal flange.
  • Marginal materials: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
  • Filter precision: 2 - 2000 ┬Ám.
  • Package: plastic film and then in wooden case.
A cylindrical filter made of fine woven mesh cloth with stainless steel edge on the two end.

CF-01: Cylindrical filter made of fine woven mesh cloth.

A cylindrical filter with stainless steel edge on the two end and they can be off.

CF-02: Cylindrical filter with stainless steel bottom.

Four cylindrical filters with closed welded bottom made of woven mesh cloth.

CF-03: Cylindrical filters with welded closed bottom.

Three cylindrical filter tubes made of multi layers woven mesh cloth.

CF-04: Cylindrical filter tubes with multilayers woven mesh cloth.

One cylindrical filter with closed welded bottom and with stick out aluminum edge.

CF-05: Cylindrical filters manufactured with stick out edge.

One cylindrical filter tube with closed welded bottom and a chipped edge.

CF-06: Cylindrical filters manufactured with square closed bottom.

Fingers hold a cylindrical filter tube made of woven mesh cloth with hemming edge.

CF-07: Cylindrical filter tubes with hemming edge.

A litter stack of small cylindrical filters on one hand and some in paper carton.

CF-08: We can offer very small cylindrical filters.

A cylindrical filter tube made of multi layers stainless steel woven mesh.

CF-09: Cylindrical filter tubes with aluminum edge.

Two cylindrical filter tubes with stick out aluminum edge on the one end, and another end is open.

CF-10: Cylindrical filter tubes manufactured with stick out edge end.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Smooth surface structure.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Accurate filtration precision.
  • High porosity and high dirt-holding capacity.

Cylindrical filter is mainly used for all sorts of liquids, particles and waste separation, and water filtration. It is also available in petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, machine, medicine, automobile industries in absorption, evaporation and filtration process.

  • Filtration of air: air filters, vacuum filters, filtration of corrosive gases, etc.
  • Filtration of liquid: ceramics polluted water cleaning, beverage, disposal of sewage water, filtration of corrosive liquids, beer brewing filter, etc.
  • Filtration of solid: glass, coal, food processing industry, cosmetics, fluidised beds, etc.
  • Filtration of oil: oil refining, hydraulic oil, oilfield pipelines, etc.
Six different kinds of cylindrical filters stand on the white background.

CF-11: Cylindrical filters are durable enough to be used in various industries.

Seven different kinds and materials of cylindrical filters stand on the white background.

CF-12: Cylindrical filters mainly used for filtering all sorts of liquids.

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