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Filter Disc, Basket filter, Panel Filter Manufacturer

Established in 2000, Boegger has developed rapidly in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of filters during the several years. Now, Boegger has become one of the leading manufactures of metal mesh filters. Mesh filters are mainly used to remove your undesired contaminants from liquid, gas, solid or air. At last, you can achieve what you want without any impurities.

We produce almost any types of filters with high quality and high precision to meet different filtration requirements. So when you are troubled by foreign matters, Boegger can offer you an effective solution.

Various Products
We can offer you a wide range of filters with different specifications, the main products are as follows: cylindrical filter, conical filter, basket filter, perforated filter tube, sintered filter, knitted wire mesh filter, hydraulic oil filter, air filter, panel filter.

The filter features outstanding rigidity and strength. And these filters with long service life not only can withstand high temperature and high pressure, but also can be manufactured with multi layers mesh with spot welded edge. Furthermore, it can be designed cleanable and reusable.

Filtration of air

Air regulator components, air conditioner, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas and filtration of corrosive gases, etc.

Filtration of liquid

Water purification system, beverage industries, water treatment plant and filtration of corrosive liquids, etc.

Filtration of solid

Food, coal and glass industries, etc.

Filtration of oil

Transformer oil, turbine oil, aviation kerosene, petroleum, oil refining, hydraulic oil and edible oil filter, etc.

Filtration of other fields

automotive, motorcycle engine, chemical industry, medicine industry, textile industry, etc.