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Basket Filter Made of Standard Basket and Slanted Basket

Basket filter, also known as basket strainers, is a kind of filter with an integrated handle. Metal materials for basket filters contains stainless steel weaving mesh, stainless steel perforated mesh, stainless steel wire mesh cloth, etc. In order to maximize the filtration area of the filter basket, the hole of perforated mesh is in staggered pattern. They are divided into standard basket filter and slanted basket filter from single layer to multi layers. Almost types of the basket filters have a handle, some without handle, or have two handles, but they all have a solid, flat bottom.

The basket strainers can filter a wide variety of fluids to remove all the unwanted impurities. Besides, the filter is mainly suitable for coarse filtration and the contamination collected in the basket can be removed easily.

Basket filters are required in various levels of mesh and micron sizes. As to different dimensions and filter rates, we also can offer products per customer's requirements.


  • Material: stainless steel weaving mesh, stainless steel perforated mesh, stainless steel wire mesh cloth.
  • Layer: single layer or multi layers.
  • Types: standard filter basket and slanted filter basket.
  • Handle: one handle, two handles, or without handle.
  • Bottom: solid, flat bottom.
  • Finishing: polishing.
Two basket filters made of perforated metal mesh and each filter with a handle.

BF-01: Basket filter made of perforated mesh.

Basket filter made of multi layers metal mesh with a stick inserted into its top.

BF-02: Basket filter with multi layers mesh.

One standard basket filter and one slanted basket filter made of perforated square holes mesh, but the slanted filter without handle.

BF-03: Basket filter can be made of with or without handle.

Basket filter made of square holes perforated mesh with a stick on its top.

BF-04: Basket filter with square holes.

One slanted basket filter with square holes and one standard basket filter with round holes.

BF-05: Basket filter with different hole shapes.

Basket filter with two handles and the two layers can be separated.

BF-06: Basket filter manufactured with two handles.

Three slanted basket filters made of multi layers mesh.

BF-07: Slanted basket filter made of multi layers mesh.

Several cylindrical basket filters made of woven mesh cloth and with two handles.

BF-08: Basket filter made in cylindrical shape and with two handles.

Basket filter made of perforated metal mesh with a long handle.

BF-09: Basket filter with a long handle.

One slanted basket filter with square holes and installed a cross claw on its handle.

BF-10: Slanted basket filter with cross claw.


  • Manufacture with the handle, easy to remove and clean.
  • Durable and long useful life.
  • High liquid capacity and high flow rate.
  • Large filtration area, heavy-duty baskets.
  • Excellent resistance to alkali, acid, high temperature, wearing.
  • Welded by imported machine, welding line smooth and beautiful.
Several rows of slanted basket filters with different sizes.

BF-11: We can offer you different sizes of slanted basket filters.

Four basket filters made of SS mesh and copper mesh.

BF-12: We can offer you basket filters made of different materials.

Being made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel mesh, they'll withstand anything you throw in them. So the basket filter can be widely used.

  • Hydraulic oil.
  • Sewage filtration.
  • Food industry.
  • Chemical fiber.
  • Metallurgy industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Petroleum industry.

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