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Various Products of Mesh Filters

With accurate filtration precision, cylindrical filters are durable and generally used to separate undesired rubble and can filter various fluids.

Hydraulic oil filter with single layer or multi layers can extend the service life of the machine by removing all the contaminants from the fluid.

Filter discs with various shapes are mainly used in screening and filtration process in rubber, chemical, medicine industries.

Conical strainer can be divided into sharp bottom and flat bottom, and generally used for high-velocity fluid filtration because of its durable structure.

Made of durable raw materials, basket filters with the convenient handles can filter a wide variety of fluids in various industries.

Pleated filters are divided into candle filters and cartridge filters. Both of them has large filter area, smooth surface and firm structure.

Perforated filter tubes with varying perforation patterns and open area percent are more durable and full strength than other wire mesh filters.

Air filters are designed with high precision, and are made of high grade raw materials to ensure their high resistance to corrosion.

With great filtration accuracy, panel filter can extract very small dust and is used for protection of fine filters in primary filtration process.

Leaf filter is made of 5 layers stainless steel mesh or carbon steel wire mesh. It mainly used for beverage, chemical and edible oil industries.

Sintered filter is made of multi layers mesh which are overlapped by sintered in the vacuum. It is stable enough and not easy to deformation.

Knitted wire mesh filter made of metal materials can be pressed into different shapes. It can be used in airbag inflator systems to trap particles.