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Mesh Filter in Disc, Cylindrical and Conical Shapes

Boegger is a professional company in production of various types and materials of mesh filters. The metal filters are mainly designed from three kinds of materials: woven mesh cloth, stainless steel mesh and perforated mesh. Each material has their own features and filter rates. For example perforated filter tube can be in square holes, round holes with high dirt holding capacity. The pleated filters made of fine woven mesh cloth with greater accuracy can filter the micronic particles. Manufactured with good raw materials and advanced technologies, the filters we offered with good properties is rigid and durable to withstand extreme conditions, for instance high pressure, abrasion and corrosion.

The main metal mesh filters are as follows: conical filter, knitted wire mesh filter, cylindrical filter, sintered filter, basket filter, perforated filter tube, perforated filter tube, hydraulic oil filter, air filter, panel filter.

conical strainer, pleated filter, perforated filter tube and air filter.

What areas mesh filter can be used in?

The mesh filters can be used in many aspects of life and industries. First, it can filter liquid, in beverage industries, water purification system, and other filtration of corrosive liquids. Then, it also can be used for filtration of air, for example air conditioner, natural gas and other corrosive gases' filtration. Besides, it also can filter oil, for instance petroleum, oil refining and hydraulic oil. At last, it also can be used for other area, automotive, chemical industry and medicine industry.

Filters can be used in industry, cars, chemistry and air filtration.

How to choose filters?

Why choose us?
Best Quality
  • Manufactured using raw materials after quality inspection.
  • Employ latest technology and machine to ensure filtration accuracy.
  • Professional and skilled workers to ensure the filters quality.
  • Perfect package to protect filters from long distance transport.
Reasonable Price
  • Manufacturer of mesh which can produce various types of filters.
  • Low price from raw material manufacturer because of long term cooperation.
  • Skilled production workers to reduce production loss.
  • Special discount from transport agent to save transport cost.
Rapid Delivery
  • Prepare materials rapidly to save waiting time.
  • Advanced equipment to shorten production time.
  • Enough skilled workers to ensure the production speed.
  • Forklifts and loaders for rapid loading.
Integrated Service
  • Introduce and recommend patiently before you purchase.
  • Offer customized filters according to each customer's requirement.
  • Timely solving problems and questions after sale.
  • Various kinds of contact ways, E-mail, telephone, etc.
Hot Products

With accurate filtration precision, cylindrical filters are durable and generally used to separate undesired rubble and can filter various fluids.

Hydraulic oil filter with single layer or multi layers can extend the service life of the machine by removing all the contaminants from the fluid.

Filter discs with various shapes are mainly used in screening and filtration process in rubber, chemical, medicine industries.

Conical strainer can be divided into sharp bottom and flat bottom, and generally used for high-velocity fluid filtration because of its durable structure.

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